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Port City Veterinary Referral Hospital

Ultrasound on a Cat

Outpatient Ultrasound

We have streamlined the process of setting up and scheduling an outpatient ultrasound. Our goal is to provide a seamless integration for your pet, patient, and veterinary team. Using the outpatient imaging referral form when requesting this service will facilitate a swift and accurate procedure for your clients, while enhancing communication between each of our teams.

We hope the following notes and tips will help clarify the process.

Patient Stability – Some Things to Bear in Mind:

  • When you request an ultrasound only appointment, we will do everything we can to honor this request.

  • If a patient arrives for an imaging appointment and is considered to be too unstable for the study we will update the client and contact your hospital immediately before proceeding.

  • If a patient arrives requiring immediate medical care, we will transfer the patient to the appropriate department, with the owner’s permission, to provide initial care and contact your hospital with an update.

Radiologist Overview & Findings:

  • Our radiologist will meet with the client after the study and provide a brief overview of the findings.

  • For detailed review, and further diagnostic and treatment recommendations, the client will be asked to contact your hospital.

  • Our radiologist will contact the referring veterinarian by phone at the conclusion of the study to discuss the findings. This will be followed by a full report that will be delivered by fax. If the primary veterinarian in charge of the case will not be available by phone for consultation, please list alternate contact information on the referral form.

  • Please explain to the client that the pet will be shaved for the study, and remind the owner to withhold food from their pet for 12 hours prior to their appointment. (A small amount of water is okay.)

We value the trust you place in our doctors and staff, our goal is to act as an extension of your hospital in as seamless a manner as possible.